The San Ramon Valley Girls Athletic League is a nonprofit organization that was formed in 1974 to offer a quality recreational and competitive softball program to girls age 5 to 18. SRVGAL is the largest girls' softball organization west of the Mississipp

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The purpose of this section is to provide all managers, coaches and parents a foundation in the fundamentals and skills required to play fastpitch softball. It is highly important that each player be exposed to the same quality of information as they develop and mature during their years with SRVGAL. With a uniformity of coaching, throughout the age groups; players, managers, and their future teams, will be the beneficiaries of a higher level of play.


Coaches U
Coaches U is a SRVGAL sponsored annual training event.  Information about the 2021 sessions will be coming soon.

For Handouts from the 2020 sessions navigate to the Resources Drop Down menu located above, select Forms & Documents, then select Coaches.  Here is a direct link

SoftBOK ™ is a body of knowledge dedicated specifically to the sport of fastpitch softball. It effectively provides organizations, coaches, athletes, and parents access to premium softball instruction conveniently and affordably.  SoftBOK™ content can be conveniently accessed from any device with a wireless internet connection. SoftBOK is available to all registered coaches, players, and parents through the guest portal on the Elite Athletic Consulting website.  


The new password for 2023 is usasoftball23.


Click here to access SoftBOK.

Mike Candrea Instructional Videos

Mike Candrea might be the most successful college head coach in any sport. Candrea has almost too many accomplishments to list. As the head coach at the University of Arizona for the last 22 years, his Wildcats have won eight National Championships and earned 21 trips to the Women's College World Series. A renowned teacher, the U.S. Olympic Committee honored Candrea with the "Olympic Shield" award in 2004, the most prestigious award within the U.S. Olympic Movement, for his work with the softball program.

Click the link below to view the videos:

Outfield 1 - Introduction
Outfield 2 - Qualities, Set-up and footwork
Outfield 3 - Fielding Ground Balls
Outfield 4 - Throwing
Outfield 5 - Responsibilities
Outfield 6 - The Finer Points

Infield 1 - Introduction
Infield 2 - Qualities
Infield 3 - Warm-up
Infield 4 - Foundations of Fielding
Infield 5 - Throwing
Infield 6 - Glove Side Hand
Infield 7 - Backhand
Infield 8 - Slow Rollers
Infield 10 - Infield Review

Infield Introduction
Playing Shortstop
Playing Second Base
Receiving Throws
Playing Third Base
Playing First Base

Coach's Manual & Other Reference Materials for Download
Listed to the right are instructional manuals, reference materials, practice plans and more that can be downloaded as PDFs. We encourage you to keep these documents handy and refer to them often.

Download SRVGAL Coaches Manual

Scorekeeper Training Handouts

Scorekeeper Training Handout

Scorekeeper Training Test

Sample Scorebook Page


Red-Blue Coach's Clinic
White Coach's Clinic
Pre-Tryout Skills Clinic
Catching Clinic

SRVGAL Coach's Manual
Two Phases of Hitting
ACE Certification Handout
Practice Topics
Sample Practice Plan
Catcher Evaluation

Coaching Points for Catchers
Hitting Mechanics
Bunting Mechanics