The San Ramon Valley Girls Athletic League is a nonprofit organization that was formed in 1974 to offer a quality recreational and competitive softball program to girls age 5 to 18. SRVGAL is the largest girls' softball organization west of the Mississipp

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Summer Stompers Elite and NorCal Valley Stompers


Since spring softball was cut short by Covid 19, SRVGAL is more excited than ever to announce that we are opening tryouts for our Summer Stompers Elite and NorCal Valley Stompers teams. We will have teams at every level from 8U to 18U and fully expect to have the opportunity to play this summer. Of course, safety is our number one concern and we have every intention of following the recommendations of CDC, local health, city and county officials. With that said all of the major softball organizations are confident there will be softball this summer. As such and as always Stompers will field some of the best teams out there.    


For our Summer season we will have a team, or teams, for the following age groups:


16/18U '04 and up

14U  '05 and '06

12U '07 and '08

10U '09 and '10


8U '11 and '12

The number of teams for each age level and the Head Coach for each team will be announced soon. 

*** We are still looking for additional coaches interested in coaching a 10U team.   Anyone interested, please contact Rick Leibowitz at   

Stompers Elite teams are very competitive. They are composed of the strongest players in each age group and require a high level of commitment. 

The Summer Stompers Elite teams will be playing weekend tournaments hopefully during the months of June, July and August.  


The first step is to show your interest in playing by registering using the link found on the homepage of the SRVGAL website.   Because of Covid 19 and the current SIP orders we will be accepting video submission tryouts at every level. Over the next couple of days, you will be receiving a second email with instructions on how to upload your video. In the meantime, please read these instructions carefully and let me know any questions. If you are having trouble getting any part of this done don't stress. Reach out and we can work together on a solution. 


Players should provide a compelling video submission and cover letter, video, or email giving coaches an idea of their love for the game and the commitment they're willing to make to improve their game and compete to win at travel ball. Your video submission should include in the title name, any positions you prefer and birth year. If you would like to play up please indicate what level you would like to be considered for.


In your tryout video please take video from multiple angles and include the following.


Hitting off a family member. Since we know not every family has a member that can throw strikes this is not necessary. Tee work and practice swings will suffice.

Fielding grounders straight on and off to either side. Include your throw across the field from SS to 1st and 2nd base to 3rd.

Fielding pop ups that are over your head, in front of you and off to each side. Please include pop ups back and in and to the left as well as back and to the right.

Bunt coverage

You may show off your preferred position play if you like

Running the bases from home to 1st and home to 3rd.


Pitchers, please send multiple video angles including from behind the catcher (Net if you are pitching into one), behind the pitcher and from the side. Show at least 5 from each angle of every pitch you can throw. If you have multiple pitches please announce each pitch or pitch group. IE Fast ball, fast ball inside. Change up. Show us all you are capable of in hitting spots and pitch types.


Catchers please include receiving, 3-5 throw downs to each base. Bunt coverage, blocking and pop ups.


All of this should be under 5 minutes or 8 for catchers and pitchers. Shorter is definitely okay. Position players may go slightly over if showing off position play. I suggest google Softball recruiting videos as a guideline. Please use high resolution so that your video is clear. 


Rick Leibowitz