The San Ramon Valley Girls Athletic League is a nonprofit organization that was formed in 1974 to offer a quality recreational and competitive softball program to girls age 5 to 18. SRVGAL is the largest girls' softball organization west of the Mississipp

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SRVGAL Game Monitor (GM) Policy


Note:  This policy has been modified for the 2020 season.  Please read the updated policy below.


The SRVGAL Game Monitor Policy was instituted in the 2018 season in order to ensure that all games are conducted in a positive environment.  


SRVGAL requires a Game Monitor (GM) at every game to handle any issues related to any negative behavior that may arise.  


The GM should call any safety issues to the attention of the umpire and support the umpire in his/her efforts to correct any safety issues.  


The GM is to serve as an advocate for the umpires and ensures that no coach, parent or spectator exhibits unsportsmanlike behavior or intimidation.


The GM should make a point of observing all interactions between the team coaches and umpires.  If things get heated the GM should make him or herself known and help to defuse the situation so that play can continue.  


For each game, each team will provide a GM.


The designated GM should plan to introduce themselves to the coaches of both teams and the umpires prior to the game and also be present at the plate meeting. 


The GM should wear the GM Lanyard at every game so that any person attending the game including board members can quickly identify the GM if needed. 


The GM should not be on the field during warm-ups or during the game but does need to be in a position to observe all of the actions of the coaches and players.


The GM may also monitor and supervise behavior in the stands, such as inappropriate language or heckling of umpires or players, or even other spectators.


The GM is not to make any decisions about any rules or calls made by the umpire.  The umpire is the ultimate authority on rules.  


In the event that any situation is raised to the level that there is a legitimate concern for the physical safety and well being of any party, SRVGAL recommends that the GM immediately call 911 and report the incident and allow it to be managed by the local law enforcement officials. 


Any behavior concerns should be formally and immediately reported online by filling out a Game Incident Report at   This communication of a game incident should be done as quickly as circumstances permit.